BraveHeart – The 10 historical inaccuracies you need to know before watching the movie

As I prepare to watch Braveheart, I must first read this blog…

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The 1995 movie, BraveHeart, is a cinematic master-piece. A multiple Oscar winner, an awe-inspiring cinematic portrayal of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and his greatest accomplishments. It’s also an extremely historically inaccurate film, but that doesn’t devalue it as a cinematic achievement. Star and director Mel Gibson himself notes that the film is a “historical fantasy” and shouldn’t be taken as the accurate portrayal of Wallace’s life.

Here is a list of the most important historical inaccuracies that people should be aware of before watching the movie. This is intended to enhance one’s enjoyment of the film and not berate it and its makers.

Disclaimer 2015 (due to the huge amounts of traffic to this post and the ridiculous length of the comments section): I am not a historian and have never claimed to be. All the facts on this page are from my personal research done out of curiocity…

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