Anne: The Last Queen of Scotland

The Crown and The Unicorn

Garden Design of St. James's Palace by Johannes Kip, After Robert Inglish and Leonard Knyff St James’s Palace, where Anne was born in February 1685.

Queen Anne was born on the night of the 6th of February 1665, most sources state that she was born at St James’s Palace; however the Windsor Castle guide book claims her birth as having taken place there. Anne’s father was James, Duke of York and Albany, second son of the martyred King Charles I, and heir to his brother, the then reigning monarch, King Charles II. Anne’s mother was Anne Hyde, the daughter of the 1st Earl of Clarendon, who was King Charles II’s first minister. By marrying Anne Hyde, many people thought that James had gone beneath his station, and that any children they had would never be worthy of the throne.

The couple’s first child, who had been conceived 7 months before their marriage, was a boy, named Charles, he was styled Duke of Cambridge…

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