King James IV of Scotland

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King James IV of Scotland King James IV of Scotland

After all the turmoil of James III’s time in power as King of Scotland, his son’s reign seems positively peaceful. James IV ushered the Renaissance into Scotland in many ways. He cemented an alliance with England, patronized the arts, and built wonderful palaces and a strong navy. The only shortcoming James had was as a leader in battle as we shall see.

James was born on March 17, 1473, probably at Stirling Castle. His father was King James III and his mother was Margaret of Denmark. Prince James was to spend most of his youth under the care of his mother at Stirling and received a very extraordinary education with tutors, learning foreign languages, music and everything else a Renaissance prince should learn. He played clavichord and lute. He could speak Latin, French, Gaelic, Danish and possibly other languages. In 1474, James’ father arranged…

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