Those gorgeous Stuart men – meet some 17th century hotties

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rupert Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Whenever people talk about ”those handsome Stuarts”, chances are they’ll come dragging with oh, so dashing Prince Rupert, nephew to king Charles I, valiant royalist commander, owner of a famous dog, and yes – he was good-looking as can be seen in the attached portrait.

Maurice Maurice of the Palatinate

So were his brothers – especially Maurice, but a friend of mine says there’s no point in expending much affection on a man who got lost on his way to the West Indies (What can one say? Big, big sea, no GPS – plus there was a hurricane involved) which is why said friend remains devoted to Rupert. Her loss…

Sir-Anthony-van-Dyck-Lord-John-Stuart-and-His-Brother-Lord-Bernard-Stuart A van Dyck, Lord John Stuart and his brother Lord Bernard

Good looks bred true among the Stuart men – as can be seen by this portrait by Anthony van Dyck. Allow me to introduce you…

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